What's With The Duck?

find your duck

It all started with the phrase "find your duck," heard while listening to a podcast. It basically means finding your true calling in life. You could be going about life just fine when one day, your true purpose in life pops up right in front of you. You have to decide to take the risk and chase after it or continue about your every day life (kind of like when a golden retriever spots a duck for the first time). Well, we decided to take the risk and here we are, creating delicious food to make everyone's lives a little brighter. 

Ducks seemed to follow us in our journey; the first being a duck sign in a lot at an auction won on an accidental bid. Then, they seemed to stand guard at our spots at local markets, and many of the local companies we do close business with all seem to have some type of duck around as well. The duck in the photo has become our "market duck" and keeps us company at the local markets we attend. And, yes, he does bring us luck (and if we forget him, we deeply regret it afterwards!).

bake and brew

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